“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head:
they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away” (Isaiah 51:11).
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Everything You Wanted to Know
About 9/11, but Were Afraid to Ask!

by Rick Tyler

As much as I regret the reality of what I am about to say, it is an indisputable fact that the vast majority of our populace today are simply incapable of assimilating and comprehending the information and analysis you hold in your hands. The class of individuals of whom I speak are the living, breathing result of an extraordinary, unprecedented, protracted campaign of brainwashing and mind manipulation the likes of which has never occurred in all of history.

Despite this unfortunate situation, however, this material has been compiled with the thought in mind of reaching out to a truth-seeking remnant. The iron curtain of censorship and disinformation must be recognized and challenged. Forbidden truth will go forth and achieve its own unique results. The powers of darkness will ultimately be exposed in the depths of their depravity and corruption. "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil" (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14). "Fear them not, therefore; for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hidden that shall not be known" (Matthew 10:26).


On September 11, 2001 the curtain lifted on a new act in the scripted drama that is unfolding in our nation and world. A rapid series of terrorist strikes hastened the creation of a new reality wherein we are now "at war" against a "faceless, shadowy, cowardly enemy." That enemy, of course, is "terrorism."

At this precise moment, serious minded persons would do well to keep certain basic precepts in mind. First among those precepts is that truth is always the first casualty of war, and that common sense is the second.


Be assured that a high percentage of what is presently being bandied about the airwaves and the print media is, at best, gross distortion of the facts and, at worst, outright fabrication. In this report we will endeavor to provide a proper and effective framework within which truth can be derived, interpreted, and understood. Intellectual, academic, and cognitive discipline are all essential if we are to avoid being subverted into destructive avenues of erroneous thoughts and conclusions. We must be willing to sink our teeth into the entire matter at hand and view it analytically, in its full breadth, scope, and context. To do any less will lead us to improper assumptions and determinations and, in the ensuing process, we become part of the problem rather than the solution.

What are the actual facts concerning the tragic events of 9/11/01? How did this unspeakable disaster occur on the peaceful soil of America? What specific events and circumstances combined one with another to produce the physical destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, as well as the damage to the Pentagon? Is there a "story behind the story" that must be accessed and contemplated as we strive to make sense out of the present dire reality engulfing our nation? Indeed, the "official version" of what has transpired relative to this national crisis is inherently deceptive and clearly designed to produce specific desired results. The structured, organized forces of evil have long enjoyed an iron fisted brand of control and domination over the outworking of policy and affairs within our nation. They operate the levers of control within the realm of international financial institutions. They own and totally dominate both the print and broadcast media. They exercise monopolistic control over the process whereby individuals are "elected" to political office, thus enabling these illicit power brokers to be certain that only a specific brand of compromised, sold out individual can attain the credible status of elected official. If someone is elected who happens to refuse to go along with status quo corruption, the power structure has highly effective techniques for neutralization or elimination of such persons. In sum, nothing of major significance occurs by happenstance or spontaneous chance. Major events, both favorable and catastrophic, are contrived and orchestrated at the highest echelons of power. (It needs to be understood that according to Scriptural truth, such as that found in Ephesians 6, there are immensely powerful dark spiritual forces at work influencing, manipulating, and at times exercising complete control over the actions and affairs of men. These highly advanced and organized satanic forces are actually able to execute wicked strategies that span generations and centuries of time. Those who are incapable of comprehending this reality are woefully ill-equipped to understand the true nature of history.) The phenomenon of dialectic materialism is ceaselessly at work as the architects of global government feverishly carry out their agenda. One step back and two forward…one back and two forward…over and again…over and again. This is how the enemies of Christ operate. They constantly utilize the thesis, antithesis, and synthesis method. "Problems" are deliberately created or engendered. Next follows the heavy publicization of the dreaded situation at hand. Finally, the power structure comes forth with a sweeping and comprehensive "solution" to the multi-faceted circumstances that seemingly represent a lethal threat to safety, security, and happiness. This process has been outworked repeatedly during the course of American history. It has now been refined to a well-honed science and relatively few persons today even begin to comprehend the existence and reality of that which is being spoken of.


A presupposition is defined as something supposed or implied as previous; taken for granted. It is essential that our presuppositions be based upon accurate and factual foundations. Our historical enemies have seen to it that the opposite is true for the vast majority of people. Nevertheless, what can we correctly presuppose regarding the crisis of 9/11 and its ongoing aftermath?


As has already been noted, we can assume that, in general terms, things are not as they seem. The talking heads of the media and all the "official spokesmen" they are interviewing are not telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! In fact, we can be utterly sure that much of what we are being spoon-fed by the spokesmen of officialdom is simply not true!


We can also safely presuppose that, like all crisis situations heretofore, this mother of all catastrophes will be used as a pretense, excuse, and justification for the implementation of all manner of diabolical mischief into the fabric of our lives and societal structure.


It is also logical and legitimate to presuppose that ongoing and additional crisis circumstances will continue to unfold in the weeks, months, and years that lay ahead. Already, the anthrax phenomenon and the hysteria it has subsequently spawned are piggy-backing on the original 9/11 crisis. Indeed, it is obvious that the reactionary mindset that has now encompassed our nation will be extant in perpetuity. From the very outset of this disaster we have been incessantly and repetitiously informed that everything is forever changed in our beloved nation. From day one it has been a given that, from henceforth, we would need to trade liberty for security.


In a time of crisis it is natural to want to be able to have trust in those who occupy positions of influence and power. After all, we are now facing the unnerving reality that an enemy is stalking us from points unknown. To think that those who hold the greatest positions of power and responsibility in government, media, the military, the industrial complex, etc… are actually behind or complicit in something as dreadful as the 9/11 event is almost too horrifying a prospect for the average, gullible American to even contemplate. And yet this grim fact happens to be precisely what we are up against. These powerful personages in question are virtually to the man consciously committed to the overarching cause of submerging our once sovereign nation into the wicked jaws of global government. These people know full well what they are doing! They are schooled and indoctrinated in the long established precepts of international socialism. In short…they are abject and unequivocal traitors against the Republic our forefathers established according to the law and purposes of Jesus Christ. At the same time however, they are masterfully adept at pretending to be something they are not…namely good guys who are on the side of truth, justice, and the American way.


Since we know without question that we are being lied to by those occupying various seats of power, prestige, and influence, it is quite logical that we should seek to deduce and ascertain precisely what those lies are and consist of. In order to ferret out the disinformation in question, we must make ready and liberal application of basic common sense and logic. Lamentably, common sense has become very uncommon in our present time. Satan’s minions recognize this fact and, thus, know how readily they can foist blatant, illogical lies upon the public at large.


The first obvious lie that has been enshrined in people’s minds is that the twin towers were leveled to the ground by chain reaction factors that were engendered by the crashing of the aircraft into the buildings. We have all seen the film footage on a repeated basis. The jets plow deliberately into the towers and bedlam erupts. Fire and smoke gush forth and then, in relatively short order, these massive skyscrapers implode in a gargantuan heap! What a spectacle that has now been indelibly seared into the collective American consciousness and mind! Like the mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb, the mental picture of the collapse of the twin towers is vividly re-lived over and over in the mind’s eye of all the nation’s citizens. Without a doubt, this is a huge component of the story as a whole. The physical destruction of these monumental symbols of internationalist financial power and dominance. How did it really occur? Are we being lied to concerning this critical aspect of the story? Could it really have happened in the manner and fashion we are being led to believe? Shortly after the implosion of the towers an expert on the architecture, design, and construction of the buildings was being interviewed by NBC anchor Tom Brokaw. This man stated that such a collapse as had just been witnessed could indeed occur after a sustained exposure to the intense level of heat brought about by the jet fuel induced fire that ignited at the time of the crashes. This expert specified, however, that the necessary time was much longer than what had just elapsed. In essence, this man had blurted out the truth which completely contradicted what the public was already being told. He had clearly revealed that what was being offered as a seemingly self-evident explanation was, in fact, a scientific and physical impossibility. He was confirming what rational observers were already suspecting…namely, that some other force or factor was at work in the hastening of the collapse of the twin towers. And what might that supplemental factor have been? Let’s remember that various witnesses to the gruesome tragedy reported hearing multiple explosions prior to the collapse of the massive towers. It is quite apparent that special explosive devices had been planted, in advance, at key and strategic locations within the framework and structure of the buildings. Indeed, the implosion of the towers was a classic demolition spectacle. It was of a precision type nature just as we have seen many times on film when demolition specialists level condemned or obsolete buildings.


To the credit of decent, upright people, it is virtually inconceivable to their minds how anyone could be so evil as to "set up" a catastrophic event involving wholesale death and destruction, merely for the purpose of achieving some longer range ulterior motive. And yet, such is precisely what transpires throughout the world on a somewhat regular basis. Deliberately engendered wars, revolutions, famines, and a variety of man made "disasters" are the stock and trade of a certain body of evil, conspiring trouble makers. They possess a dark vision for the future of the planet…one in which the Bible, Christianity, nationalism, individual liberty, and Western Christian civilization in general have been relegated to the ash heap of history! These wicked forces are thoroughly endeared to their own evil religious agenda, and no cost is too great to pay in pursuit of desired objectives and success. They will stop at nothing. They involuntarily employ unprincipled deceit and treachery at every turn. Human life and dignity mean nothing to these personages, and to effect the wholesale slaughter of thousands…even millions of innocent parties doesn’t cause them to lose even a moment of sleep! Yes, in order to comprehend horrific depravity one must be cognizant of the fact that horrifically depraved beings exist and function in the world around us!

So why would anyone plant explosives in the twin towers of the World Trade Center and schedule them for detonation at the appropriate time on 9/11? The obvious answer to this question is that maximum carnage and death were the desired result of the event in question. Had the fires simply been allowed to burn for the extended period of time necessary to precipitate the collapse of the buildings, there would have been amply sufficient latitude for the complete evacuation of the towers. Instead of thousands dead, there would have only been hundreds of human casualties. Rather than hundreds of policemen and firefighters being killed, there would probably have only been dozens. In other words, although still being a shocking and terrible event, the 9/11 attack would have been dramatically less severe. The subsequent impact upon the national psyche would have paled by comparison to what has instead taken hold psychologically within the body politic. Yes, the phenomenon of large scale carnage and a highly substantial body count were necessary prerequisites for rendering the American people in a stunned state of shock, disbelief, and insecurity.


Americans are so naïve and simplistic in the way they think and view the world. Though they have thrown personal responsibility and morality to the four winds, in other ways they are incomprehensibly innocent and gullible. Like easily deceived small children, the American public can be readily induced to embrace and believe all manner of myths and fables. For instance, the average American doesn’t understand that political office holders at the national level are completely beholden to a shadowy "behind the scenes" power. This faction of hidden powerbrokers either exercise direct control over who gets voted in, or they establish their mechanism of dominance after the novice electee is sworn into his new position.

The means whereby politicians, bureaucrats, TV commentators, entertainers, corporate moguls, etc… are all kept in line can be explained as follows. There is an unspoken rule of the game, so to speak, that keep the power elite from even having to issue forth specific commands or orders to those in influential capacities. The primary reason they have attained unto the position they hold is that they know instinctively how the game is to be played. They know essentially what to say, when to say it, and how. Conversely, they also know what not to say. To summarize, these intellectual prostitutes are bound by a code of silence regarding certain "off limits" topics and subjects. Consider the quote by New York journalist John Swinton, a New York Times managing editor, at a dinner given in his honor upon his retirement in 1901, which goes as follows: "There is no such thing in New York as an independent press. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of us who dares write his honest opinions, and if you did, you would know beforehand they would never appear in print. I am paid $150 a week for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others are paid similar salaries for similar things. Anyone who would be so foolish as to write his honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread. We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks. They pull the strings and we dance. Our talents are the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Even beyond what Swinton said is the ultimate reality that is forever embodied in the historical occurrence of the Kennedy assassination and the subsequent ongoing cover-up of the crime. This dramatic taking of the life of a President, accompanied by the introduction and perpetuation of the lone gunman myth, clearly communicates to all existing holders of positions of influence and responsibility, that there exists an organized force that is sufficiently powerful to commit a crime of such magnitude, and to maintain total immunity from being held accountable!

Does it therefore, require genius intellect to arrive at the obvious conclusion that the same fate could be prescribed for anyone who might be so targeted? No more incentive is needed if you are an influential politico, journalist, entertainer, author, clergyman, business tycoon, etc… than to know beyond doubt that if this hidden hand of control were to deem you undesirable or an obstacle to something they valued, you could be summarily terminated without the slightest possibility of the actual perpetrator being brought before the supposed bar of justice!

With all this in mind, let’s think again about precisely who it is that is offering somber words of warning as well as comforting reassurances. The President, U.S. Senators, Congressmen, cabinet officials, Governors, federal law enforcement heads, and all others of this ilk are mere lackeys of the dark entity that operates all the true levers of national and global power. Part of the "script" is for all the aforementioned to assume the posture that everything is just as it seems…that we are all just one big American family. The act is carried on that the conflict at hand involved a simple case of good guys vs. bad guys. We are to "trust" our officials and opinion molders because, after all, they are all good, patriotic freedom lovers just like us, right? And if you believe that, let me tell you about Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, some ocean front property I’d like to sell you in New Mexico! The pathetic reality is that it is all a lie, from top to bottom! The evil power elite are duty-bound to lie about everything because it is their intrinsic nature. Additionally, comprehensive deception is required for the maintaining of progress as they fulfill their quest for all-out global domination. The President and all other influential establishment figures are knowing participants in a monumental program of treachery and ultimate destruction against Christianity, the Constitution, and the sovereign American nation. To believe anything other than this grim but obvious reality renders us as the equivalent of duped, simple-minded morons!


The diabolical agenda we have been describing requires that there be those who play the role of straw man opponent as well as the ever present scapegoat. The straw man opponent is the figure such as Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. They represent the eternal villain…the one everyone loves to hate. The gullible public can always be counted on to take up the chant against these "oil can Harry" villains. Tee shirts, bumper stickers, lapel buttons, and other such items quickly appear on the open market when a new bad guy is introduced to the public. Intellectual midgets and philosophical pygmies proceed to vent their rage in a sanctioned manner against the approved targets of hatred and vitriol. The straw man is one who although appearing ominous and menacing is, in reality, a cinch to be subdued and defeated by an overwhelmingly superior opponent. The tactic of raising up a straw man is age-old in nature.

Over the past several generations we have witnessed an ongoing processional of official bogey men. Hitler and Mussolini are examples of the tactic in question dating all the way back to World War II. In subsequent decades of American history there was Senator McCarthy, Governor Wallace, David Duke, and Pat Buchanan. Organizationally, the Klan, the neo-Nazis, the militia, and "anti-government" groups of any sort have been held up for the public to sneer at and despise. Internationally, we have been instructed to deplore the Ayatollah, Arafat, Quadafy, Noriega, Saddam, and now Osama bin Laden. Yes, it’s an ongoing game played by the elitist power brokers. By keeping the public mind fixated upon a singled out, officially recognized bad guy, those who are engaged in actual high crimes and treason totally avoid scrutiny. It is so simple, yet highly effective as a tool of control, manipulation, and diversion.

In certain cases the villain is actually a knowing player on the stage. Just as in the movies there are the actors who play the part of the antagonist, so too in this real world of contrived drama, there are the scripted demons. In the case of a Saddam, or an Osama bin Laden, we know that they are actual creations of the global elite. They have been groomed to be cast in the role of bad guy, and they are actually handsomely remunerated for rendering an ongoing "good performance." Can there be any doubt that Saddam could have been "taken out" during the Gulf War or at any time since then? And, do you not realize that if we had really wanted to stop Osama bin Laden in the past, or "catch" him now, such an objective could be easily accomplished via the application of overwhelmingly superior force and firepower? It is clearly not the true policy to want to thwart or apprehend these sanctioned villains. They are doing their job and playing their role to the hilt! Without them there would be no "crisis" to justify the subjugation of the people and the restructuring of the world into a global plantation.


A dupe is a useful idiot in the conspiratorial lexicon of terminology. Flunkies, fall guys, and scapegoats are those who are zealous yet sufficiently weak-minded to the extent that they can be "handled," manipulated, inflamed, agitated, and positioned for the purpose of "taking the fall" when blame must ultimately be assigned. In the Oklahoma bomb incident it was McVeigh and Nichols. John Doe 2, the likely handler and agent provocateur simply disappeared into the memory hole of history. When the twin towers were bombed in 1993 a similar personage was identified in criminal court proceedings against the alleged perpetrators. Without this shadowy government agent there would have been no ’93 incident. He hatched the plan, recruited the operatives, provided their financing and training, as well as their orders in the field…and then stood back and watched the fireworks. There can be little doubt that the 9/11 tragedy involved the same pathology. Conveniently, all the hijackers are now dead and burned beyond recognition…or so we are told.


There is simply no way we can know with certainty what actually transpired on September 11, 2001 when jet aircraft were flown into the twin towers in New York City. As has already been stated, we can be certain that officialdom is lying to us regarding the specifics of what occurred to bring about this dreadful event. They have lied to the public about every event of notable significance for at least the last century and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that this tragedy constitutes an exception to the well-established track record of duplicity and disinformation. What we can do, in light of the aforementioned reality, is speculate and conjecture as to the most likely manner in which events actually unfolded on that tragic morning.

Based upon past patterns of conduct and tactical execution, we can logically deduce that there were probably a plurality of agent provocateur operatives at the epicenter of this entire terrorist plot. Like the government agent who facilitated the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, those active in the clandestine outworking of the 9/11 catastrophe were doubtlessly immersed to the fullest extent in the totality of the operation. It is most certain that they worked for years to recruit hard line Islamic activists with an extreme proclivity toward terroristic violence. These recruits were most likely formed into small cells that began training and going through the motions of what would prepare them to mesh into an operation such as the 9/11 terror event. Attending flight schools, being trained in skills of fighting, and engaging in other activities of a suspect nature…all of this established the groundwork to make these fall guys appear as precisely what they are now being portrayed as.

It is very probable that the 9/11 terrorists believed their operation to be a hijacking, kidnapping, and extortion plot. Occasional news reports have fleetingly acknowledged that certain ones among the terrorists had in no way conducted themselves like you would expect someone to who was on the verge of carrying out a conscious suicide action. A 20/20 news magazine report even went so far as to state that it was likely that some of the terrorists didn’t know that they were on a kamikaze type mission! The following is what I believe actually took place on that fateful day.

Each of the terrorist cells was probably led by an agent provocateur who actually boarded the commercial flights in question. At this time the duped but dedicated terrorists had no idea that their respective leaders were actually deep undercover moles. Remember, DEA agents are constantly engaged in this brand of subterfuge and undercover work. By the time the fall guy terrorists realized what was really happening, they would have been rendered powerless to do anything about having been set up and betrayed. The provocateurs at some point employed sophisticated means to disable everyone on the aircraft…including their flunkey comrades. Once the aircraft was at sufficiently low altitude, the provocateurs probably parachuted to the ground where they were immediately met and secretly whisked away into hiding. The jet would then proceed to hone in on the targeted tower by means of on-board electronic equipment that would be drawn like a magnet to a signal emitting device in the towers or the Pentagon. The reader might recall that the aircraft that was filmed flying into the second tower to be hit, didn’t approach and make contact in a head-on manner. Instead, it made a banking turn into the building. Such a phenomenon is consistent with what would be likely to transpire if the aircraft were being directed like a missile toward a rendezvous with the target.

With the ensuing inferno and the subsequent implosion of the mammoth towers, the vast majority of evidence was completely destroyed. Thousands of bodies will never be recovered or identified. There is no way it can be proven with absolute certainty precisely who was or was not on the crashing jets or in the destroyed buildings. An event of this destructive magnitude provides a ready-made cover for all manner of manipulation and subterfuge. In returning to one of our basic, underlying premises, however, we can be sure that the "official version" of what led up to and transpired on 9/11 is heavy laden with distortion and falsehood.


In the immediate wake of the 9/11 tragedy, the American public was reflexively riveted to the TV screen for purposes of finding out the details regarding this dastardly event. The conscious mind and attention span of an entire nation was now totally transfixed upon this dramatic spectacle. From that moment forward, virtually everything else became of a vastly inconsequential nature. America was now spellbound by the horrifically momentous nature of this all encompassing lead story! The shadowy personages who constitute the hidden hand of power in our nation and world have an obvious incentive for keeping an ongoing real life drama, the likes of the 9/11 event, on the proverbial "front burner." Being fully aware of the exceedingly limited attention span of the collective American public, the clandestine power brokers know that an open-ended, unprecedented major new story will prevent the grass roots populace from focusing on a variety of other events and circumstances that would otherwise garner their attention. Just as Monicagate kept people from being aware of something such as the treasonous sell-out to communist China, so too does the current "war on terrorism" insure that otherwise vital information and activities remain unnoticed and unobserved. Rest assured that, while the American people are following every little sub plot associated with the twin towers tragedy, highly significant developments with profound implications for our future are going altogether undetected. This is the typical manifestation of the classic "smoke screen" or "diversionary tactic."


When conditions of "war" are prevalent, the state automatically assumes the legitimate authority to suspend or abrogate what would otherwise be routine or normal rights and procedures. After all, it is now a "state of emergency" we find ourselves in. The prevailing assumption is that the very survival of the nation is somehow in jeopardy. The supposed logic therefore follows that extreme measures are now warranted in order to enable us to overcome the nebulous foe who currently threatens our ability to survive. Of course, people should be able to see through the fog and understand what is really happening. Unfortunately though, they have been greatly incapacitated in terms of their ability to effectively comprehend what is actually going "behind the scenes." They have become entertainment junkies and virtual illiterates. Very little is realistically understood about even our own history over the past century. The average American has no idea that time and again, we have been subjected to the type of manipulation of which we are speaking. For example, the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 gave the shadow powers the means and opportunity to play havoc with the national economy. The result of this mischief was a purposely engendered economic crash now known as the Great Depression. This crisis event gave the national government the seemingly legitimate pretense to enact a "New Deal." While sounding beneficial and advantageous, the New Deal was actually a brutal frontal assault upon what remained of our once vibrant Constitution. In the name of waging war on poverty and destitution, the federal power systematically gutted the precepts of Constitutional governance. Without a literal shot being fired, our nation was conquered from within…never, ever to be the same again. And, amazingly, not one in a thousand even began to understand what was happening to their beloved America. The national government had moved swiftly and definitively to seize and usurp power at every conceivable level. Yet scarcely a whimper of protest was heard because people had been conditioned to believe that there was no alternative to this massive powerplay! Other events followed for purposes of fostering the trend toward all-powerful central government. World War II set the stage for the establishment of a framework for future world government called the United Nations. Lend-lease and subsequent policies of support for Bolshevik Russia created the climate for a "Cold War" which would dominate the post-World War II era. That same "Cold War" provided justification for an enormous militarization of the nation as America was progressively groomed for the eventual role of global policeman. Vietnam was a direct by-product of the protracted cold war against the ostensible "Communist" enemy. Yet all the while we were supposedly fighting Communism, we provided aid and support for the most notorious Marxist regimes on the planet. The war in Southeast Asia was a deliberately engendered quagmire which we never intended to legitimately prosecute and win. Our military forces were intentionally bogged down and handicapped by a bevy of policies and measures that guaranteed our inability to defeat a vastly inferior opponent. All the while, the American public was being propagandized by a comprehensively controlled national media. The Viet Cong were cast in a neutral, if not favorable, light. The American military force was portrayed as being an engine of genocidal oppression against these impoverished, desperate, Third World peasants. The social fabric and stability within our nation were torn asunder by an anti-war movement which flourished on university campuses throughout America. Polarization occurred between the young and old, black and white, the left and the right. In the midst of this chaos, the great society program was launched. "War on poverty" was declared by the national government. The "civil rights" movement gained momentum. Forced integration was foisted upon white Americans and academic standards began to plummet. Gradually, and methodically we began to witness the Africanization of what had always been a Euro-centric American culture. All of the aforementioned phenomena were legitimized and executed under the guise of a need to deal with and redress "emergency" or "crisis" conditions!


Earlier in the 20th century, America experienced a period known as Prohibition. During this era, alcohol was outlawed with the natural result being the spawning of a huge black market booze industry. Organized crime quite naturally rushed forward to seize this ready made opportunity for illicit power and profits. The gangsters of the prohibition period are legendary in the recent history of America. For decades on end they built their respective empires of criminal syndicalism. Their flagrant and flamboyant transgressions of the law created a climate that provided ample justification for dramatic expansion of federal legislation, law enforcement, corrections, and general oversight of state and local authority. The FBI evolved into the virtual "secret police" of America during this colorful time frame. In the name of "law and order" and fighting a war against organized crime, the national government vested itself with broadly increased levels of power and authority. Prohibition was the premeditated catalyst for this overt assault upon civil liberties. When the ulterior goal was accomplished, the original institution of Prohibition was dismantled. All the new governmental powers, however, remained intact.

In the ensuing years, the Prohibition phenomenon would be replicated via the so called "war on drugs." First, a drug "problem" was created by virtue of policies of judicial leniency, open borders, and the erosion of moral principles. As the demand for illegal drugs grew, the black market of this shadowy world of organized crime once again flourished. In the interest of effectively waging this supposedly gallant crusade against illegal narcotics, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) was established and police powers in general expanded. In reality, there was never any genuine interest in winning this phony "war." While some government agents were involved in "busting" importers and dealers, others were helping to facilitate the success of similar ventures. In other words, the "national drug crisis" was something that had been intentionally devised in order to bring about a prevailing set of circumstances ideally conducive to the vast expansion of federal administrative, bureaucratic, and policing powers!


Turning back to our present situation and the newly launched "war on terrorism," we can be certain that the same age-old process will continue to unfold. Already, we have become saddled with the latest Trojan horse entity to come down the pike. The newly formed office of Homeland Security is one of the most frightening developments in our relatively short national history. No one even begins to comprehend what a dangerous and abusive monstrosity this outfit is slated to become! Already, draconian new legislation has rumbled through the lawmaking assemblies of the federal government. In the name of "fighting terrorism" the feds have forged brazenly forward in their calculated war upon the sacred liberties for which our forefathers bled and died. Only a fool would presume that this excessively voluminous legislation wasn’t already drafted and awaiting implementation well before the 9/11 catastrophe. Indeed, it was already prepared and simply "waiting in the wings." And what are the obvious implications of this fact? Quite clearly, the powers of darkness were merely outworking yet another phase of their blueprint for global tyranny. This evil agenda is incremental in nature. Like the analogy of the frog in the pan of water on the stove, the heat must be gradually applied. If it were to occur all at once the frog would jump from the pot and avoid the gruesome fate of being boiled alive. Likewise, if too much occurs all at once on the national or world stage, the rank and file of the population would be jolted into an acute awareness of reality. To keep such an occurrence from transpiring, the conspirators follow a procedure of slowly ratcheting up the pressure for abandonment of Biblical and Constitutional principles. One "crisis" at a time, they slowly accomplish what could otherwise never be brought to fruition…namely, the practical enslavement of a once free people.


To understand the reality and methodology of national and global conspiracy, one must first possess awareness of the existence of an evil created being known as Satan. The devil is greatly misunderstood and, in fact, is not even believed in by vast numbers of people. When do you last recall the President, a powerful Senator or Congressman, a major news commentator, or any other person of greatly influential stature even mentioning Satan’s existence, much less delving into the question of how he might be superimposing his will upon the affairs of men? As you well know, this simply doesn’t happen! While it is currently fashionable for leaders to make broad, generic statements about "God blessing America," no mention whatsoever is made about that arch evil being of whom the Bible says a great deal. Of course, if Satan were to be acknowledged then it would logically follow that discussion should be entered into regarding his comprehensive agenda to dominate world affairs. Once people were stimulated to begin thinking along such lines, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the devil had already made monumental progress in pursuit of such diabolical goals. In fact, it would become readily apparent that in the absence of organized, determined, and enlightened Christian resistance, Satan had indeed gained a stronghold of controlling influence and power within the halls and chambers of national governance! Is it not obvious why the overt, up front leaders within our nation don’t so much as whisper aloud the name of Beelzebub? It isn’t a matter of them not believing in him, but rather that they are simply abiding by "company policy," so to speak. A great many of them are actually the conscious servants and henchmen of the devil. The only reason they even hold their powerful positions is because they have made a Faustian pact with the devil! They have embraced the deal that Jesus rejected in Matthew 4. In exchange for having conformed to his comprehensive game plan for conquest, Satan has "rewarded" these intellectual prostitutes with wealth, women, fame, prestige, etc… In some instances, these co-opted humans are even engaged in the active and conscious worship of their false god Lucifer!


The devil’s power pales into insignificance when compared to that of God. When contrasted with man’s potential and capabilities, however, Satan possesses extraordinary power. Remember how in Exodus 7:8-12, Pharaoh’s magicians were actually able to turn their staffs into snakes just as Moses had done? By what power was this feat accomplished other than that of the evil one? God promptly demonstrated His vastly superior power when Moses’ staff/serpent devoured all the others. Nevertheless, the supernatural force that flowed through Pharaoh’s magicians was enormous and extremely dangerous! That old serpent, the devil, has been allowed by God to wield incredible power with which to seduce and subdue those who shun and reject truth. Satan is able to transcend generations, centuries, and even millennia as he craftily angles toward his ultimate objective of global conquest! Satan derives immense satisfaction all along the way by promoting lies and ritualistic murder. To the extent that God’s people abdicate from their rightful status in promotion of the kingdom of God in the earth, Satan is able, in a corresponding sense, to rush in and fill the void. Indeed, he has masterfully accomplished that objected as the generations and centuries have accumulated. Men come and go from the world stage, but Satan remains constant in his wicked ambitions. The remarkable satanic success and coordination that can be seen in the unfolding of history can only be explained if one is thoroughly familiar with sound Biblical doctrine and truth relative to that wicked being, known as the devil. Those who reject God’s divine revelation of Scripture have no alternative but to endear themselves to baseless suppositions and erroneous conclusions regarding the world in which they live. When you consciously reject truth, regardless of how intellectual you might be, you become susceptible to being given over to strong delusions (Thessalonians 2:10-12). James 1:8 instructs us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. The vast majority of modern professing Christians are acutely doubleminded. They claim to believe Scripture and the words of Jesus, yet they turn right around and act as though the unavoidable conclusions derived from those very words are not true. For instance, they fall time and again for the bogus notion that a President who is ostensibly presiding over an unabashedly wicked regime is somehow a "man of God" who has "a relationship with Jesus Christ." Never mind the undeniable fact that personnel making up the administration of this President are the very same ilk who have long been the avowed proponents of the blueprint for a global superstate! Other than a smattering of token changes in rhetoric, everything is "business as usual" in the nation’s capital. Wickedness and ungodliness remain completely institutionalized and truth, as always, is utterly verboten! Yet the deluded "Christian" masses fall all over themselves expressing thanks and professing support for a "Godly President" who is "leading us through this present crisis." Jesus commanded us to be "as wise as serpents" (Matthew 10:16). Instead, contemporary Christians are shamefully ignorant, naïve, gullible, and cowardly. And, due to this pathetic state of being, they are easy marks for a cunning, deceitful devil and his legions of earthly minions!


If one courageously analyzes the simple facts pertaining to events of the past century, it quickly becomes vividly apparent that officialdom has formulated outright lies regarding every subject of importance and significance. As we have already mentioned in this very analysis, the automatic presupposition must be that those in authority are, for all intents and purposes, always lying. They are pathological in this respect, and the burden of evidence is clearly upon them as to why we should take anything they say at face value. On the all too few occasions when they are caught "red handed" in their wicked deceit, these powerful forces merely shrug off their detestable conduct and move on to the next mountain of lies. To the informed and astute observer, the mouth pieces of the shadow government have no credibility whatsoever! There is positively no reason why anyone should believe "the party line" about anything at all unless and until there occurs a genuine turn events in our nation. Prior to such a miraculous development, we must remain ceaselessly on guard concerning the lies of our satanic enemy.

As an ultra profound illustration of how the subversive treachery and deception has been going on for so very long a time period, let us consider the matter of Pearl Harbor and the December 7th "Day of Infamy." How many Americans know anything at all about our country’s relationship with Japan prior to Pearl Harbor? It is safe to say that the overwhelming majority know virtually nothing about this subject! What the dumbed down public fails to understand is that the United States deliberately cultivated a posture and approach of hostile provocation against Japan during this period in question. Ongoing efforts to bait Germany into acts of aggression had repeatedly failed. The strategy shifted toward the goal of enticing Japan into a military strike that would constitute legitimizing grounds for America’s entry into what would eventually become World War II. This "back door to war" strategy was embarked upon in earnest when a Council on Foreign Affairs affiliate, the Institute of Pacific Relations, began carrying out sophisticated operations in the Pacific region. Top policy making operatives of the American government were assigned to this operation and in due time, they were successful in neutralizing the Japanese government. This development then gave rise to the notorious Japanese war cabinet led by General Tojo. The financial assets of Japan in America were frozen and the Japanese oil supply completely cut off. The Japanese were being purposely painted into a corner of agitated desperation. Then, with skilful maneuvering, the American Pacific fleet was moved from its safe harboring in San Diego to the vulnerable and exposed waters of Pearl Harbor. This mindless action caused Fleet Commander Admiral James O. Richardson to protest vociferously. He was removed from his command and replaced by Admiral H.E. Kimmel, the man who would later be made a scapegoat for an incident of treasonous magnitude and character!

Prior to December 6, 1941 the secret communications codes of the Japanese had been broken and the top secret messages deciphered. The Japanese had "taken the bait" and the President and his top advisors knew right down to the hour when the bombs would fall on the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. Needless to say, no advance warning was given to the "sitting duck" American naval fleet. When the massacre ended, the Pacific fleet was destroyed and 3,000 American military personnel were dead. Now the American government was able to assert that aggression had come to our own doorstep and war was promptly declared against Germany. It would be another two years before we would meaningfully go after Japan.

It wasn’t until many years later that the unfettered truth began to surface regarding the fact that the Roosevelt administration knew in advance of the pending Pearl Harbor atrocity, and that they took no defensive action in response to the annihilation that was on the verge of occurring. In recent times even establishment-recognized historians and writers such as John Toland have come forth with this sordid tale of vile treachery. Officialdom, however, continues their long established policy, aptly described as "deny, deny, deny." They realize, of course, that the gullible and deluded masses will cling religiously to the lies they have ignorantly swallowed and bought into. In the short range time period, it is always easier to believe the lies which make us feel good and that give us a false sense of security. Ultimately, however, such an attitude of indifference toward truth will bring us to the point where we face the strong likelihood of becoming totally and comprehensively enslaved in what was once a great Christian republic. Lamentably, such a dire state of affairs is precisely where we now find ourselves!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: What you have just read is Part 1 of our analysis of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. The next installment will be posted on November 21.

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness,
and let us put on the armour of light” (Romans 13:12).

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