“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head:
they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away” (Isaiah 51:11).
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Posted on November 22, 2001


by Rick Tyler

Things are happening fast in the supposed war against terrorism. Our emphasis on the word supposed derives from the fact that it is a very selective process whereby terrorism itself is defined. Recent developments in the ongoing spectacle being played out on the international stage have featured such events as a summit being held between George Bush and the Russian dictator Putin. During this media-hyped event at the American president’s rural Texas ranch, the two heads of state discussed ideas and strategies as to how terrorism might be resisted and eradicated. As we have been repeatedly informed, the Muslim terrorists are the "evil bad guys" out to destroy peaceful civilization. All who align together to resist them are automatically cast in the favorable light of being the "good guys." No consideration is granted concerning the background, history, or past performance of those who are now "standing against terror." Even the leaders of Communist China, or Mr. Putin of Russia, are now portrayed as constructive contributors to the gallant crusade against the terrorists. As is always the case, however, reality is a far cry from the steady stream of propaganda that is issued forth throughout the world.

Osama bin Laden and his ilk are certainly an undesirable lot. The vision that Muslim extremism has for the future of the planet is clearly at variance with the truth and the way of Jesus Christ as is set forth in the Bible. What needs to be remembered at an hour such as this, however, is the old axiom that states "my enemy’s enemies are not necessarily my friends." Yes, fanatical Islamic aggression is a very real threat to Western Christian civilization. We must be prepared to stand in opposition to the brutal tactics which many within that movement are ready to employ at a moment’s notice. What is even more crucial, however, is that we understand the true nature of those who are prosecuting this ostensible war on terror. As we have already begun explaining in detailed fashion in the first installment of this commentary, an illicit alien force has long exercised evil influence and control over the affairs of America and other nations throughout the world. This pervasive, corrupt power structure has only been able to amass its strength in direct proportion to the degree to which Christians have rejected Biblical truth and the responsibility that automatically flows from it. Unfortunately, the past few generations have witnessed an almost comprehensive retreat by the organized Christian world. As a result of this backward regression into a state of virtual impotence, Christians have become powerless and incapable of resisting the wickedly Satanic system that has grown up around them. Puppet politicians and regimes have been established in nations throughout the world. While going through the mock motions of making supposedly autonomous policies and decisions, the reality of the matter is that a sophisticated mechanism of control and coordination is ceaselessly being outworked from the highest echelons of dark, Satanic power. As we explained in our last installment of this commentary, it is only by virtue of the existence and operational effectiveness of a Satanic conspiratorial apparatus of this nature, that such an incredibly long term blueprint for diabolical conquest can be efficiently and successfully outworked. Yes, sincere truth seeking persons must have the courage to recognize and properly deal with the grim reality of which we are speaking. As difficult as it might be to believe or comprehend, what amounts to total power has been ignorantly conferred upon Satan and his earthly minions. God has allowed for such an evolution of circumstances as a means of bringing well deserved chastisement and punishment upon his people. He has historically allowed for the strengthening of the hand of the ungodly for precisely such purposes. If at any time his people are willing to turn from their own error and wicked ways, and to subsequently cry out to him for forgiveness and deliverance, God is ever desirous of hearing such cries of true contrition, and bringing about the means through which they can be rescued from the jaws of adversity.

Deuteronomy 4:24 and other related Biblical passages make it clear that God is jealous of the people he has chosen unto himself. He despises it when they commit harlotry with the false gods and vain philosophies of this world system. Because the sin debt in our nation has become so monumental, it is unlikely that great calamity and crisis can be averted as we move into the future.


As we have already noted and acknowledged, the forces that comprise the militant, extremist Islamic realm are certainly a notable manifestation of evil in our world today. They are a people who have built their lives upon specific and damnable lies. Their god Allah is not the true God of scripture and their holy book, the Koran, is not divine revelation. Islam, like true Christianity, is an exclusivist religion. There is no legitimate provision in either of the two for long term peaceful co-existence. Militant Islam has inherent within its parameters, the ultimate imperative to vanquish its enemies. Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and others of their type are, without question, a force to be feared and taken very seriously. They are zealots who consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to die for what they believe in. In this regard, one is compelled to admire the level of sincerity and devotion with which they apply themselves to the outworking of their cause. None of this, however, remotely alters the fact of just how wrong the Muslim religion is. It is evil by virtue of the lies it is based upon, and those who are found among its adherents are evil as well, regardless of how sincere they might be.

The gullible American public is led to believe that the global Islamic terrorist network embodies the utter epitome of evil. After all, these are the thugs that crashed airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in order to kill thousands of innocent people. Of course, our belief is that the 9/11 tragedy was actually staged and executed by the shadow element that contrives and manipulates events throughout the world on a regular basis. As was explained in our last installment, an assortment of Arab fall guys were handled and positioned prior to the event so that they would appear to be the unmistakable perpetrators of the terrorist assault. If, however, we wanted to assume for arguments sake, that the 9/11 operation transpired in precisely the manner we have been told, would this translate into the inevitable conclusion that the guilty parties were the most vivid human illustration of evil in the modern world?

In certain respects, the reaction of the American public to the terror events of 9/11 are quite understandable. Our nation was attacked in a manner heretofore unimaginable! Even the Pentagon...symbolic of the massive military prowess of the world's greatest superpower...was targeted and struck by this audacious enemy! That the acute ire and dander of the American public would become energized by the 9/11 assault is quite logical. In their immensely heightened emotional state, however, Americans have not been prone to adopting a rational standard or approach in their evaluation of and reaction to this dramatic instance of terror. Instead, they have followed a purely emotional and an utterly superficial manner of response. Demonstrating complete indifference to the well established premise that truth is always the first casualty of war, the American public has willingly and enthusiastically embraced the official version of the events marking, as well as leading up to, the terror of 9/11.


Inquiring minds should ask themselves why America is so cozy with, and finds so much in common with Communist China? Another point to ponder is why our nation's leaders have for so long, been on such cordial terms with the Russian bear? Did the formal dissolution of the USSR really signify the demise of a major portion of the international communist menace, or was that all just the window dressing of a well planned bogus reform movement? (Those who want to know the amazing truth regarding this matter are advised to secure and read the book New Lies For Old by Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, a man who for 16 years worked as a disinformation specialist for the infamous secret police/spy agency. In this book Golitsyn sets forth the insider’s revelation of how the supposed reform phenomena within the USSR and the Eastern Bloc were actually the result of precision calculation, and part of a grand deception that was decades in the making.) It is an unfortunate reality that Russia remains very much a totalitarian state, ruled by an all powerful and oppressive central government. Of course, America can also be described in the same terminology at this juncture in time. Our national government routinely runs roughshod over the rights of the various states of the union, as well as the sacred liberties of her individual citizens. If one takes the time to read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, he will quickly realize that the vital liberties enunciated therein are nothing more than a fading memory! Instead, we now have all ten planks of Karl Marx’s odious Communist Manifesto fully operational within the borders of our once free nation. Amazingly...without a shot being fired, and beyond the realization of the vast percentage of the populace, our hallowed form of Christian Constitutional government has been effectively subverted and overthrown! The opinion molders continue to drone on about "democracy" and the purported "rights of the people," but it is nothing more than a cruel illusion at this stage of the game. If you are a left wing agitator, a smut peddler, a foul mouthed shock jock, or a sodomite pervert, then you may continue to experience first amendment or other rights in contemporary America. If, on the other hand, you dare to advocate and champion the principles and institutions upon which the Republic was founded, you will promptly discover that you have no rights. The revolution has long since taken place...and "We the People" lost, hands down, what our forefathers gave everything for. We may still be called a Democracy, but the sobering fact is that we operate under the brutal tenets of communism. (It is also important to note that our founding fathers never gave us a "democracy," but instead, a Constitutional Republic. These wise and learned men understood the lessons of history which clearly revealed that "majority rule" always degenerates into a system whereby the principled minority is tyrannized by the abusive rule of an ugly, uneducated, unprincipled "majority." Such a mob is also ripe for exploitation and manipulation at the hands of the demagogue who promises them the most bounty from the public treasury.) We are a "free" people only inasmuch as we do precisely what the all powerful state tells us to do! If we should dare to question illicit authority too stridently, we will quickly find ourselves on the losing end of a forceful confrontation with what has grown to be veritable legions of law enforcement officers who now seek to monitor every aspect of our lives under the guise and pretense of "maintaining law and order."

Is it not inconsistent that the same government that spends millions of dollars to track down octogenarian nazis to make them pay for their alleged crimes committed sixty years ago, turns right around and embraces regimes and rulers that have slaughtered untold numbers of innocents during the course of the past few decades? Are communist dictators and secret police operatives somehow expunged of their guilt simply because they adopt a bogus title of reformer? Why is Mr. Putin not treated like the communist butcher that he really is? Are we going to let him off the hook because he supposedly no longer does such awful things to his fellow countrymen? Are we going to selectively circumvent the Nuremberg principle and let the likes of Mr. Putin slide because he was just obeying orders? You see...as bad as the Islamic terrorists might be, their performance pales into insignificance when compared to past and present dictators in Russia, China, and their various satellite states. Where the Muslim militants have managed to rack up a body count in the thousands...the aforementioned heads of state have visited their orgy of genocidal murder upon untold millions! And yet...we endear ourselves to these serial slaughterers as though they were the finest of gentlemen. How utterly preposterous! It should be more than obvious that, like the Serbian "war criminals" currently being prosecuted before the world court in the Netherlands, the radical Islamic faction serves as yet another straw man entity upon whom precedent-setting policies and actions can be implemented and meted out. As we have already pointed out, the mouthpieces of officialdom don't really care about justice, liberty, and human rights. These are simply buzz words that are utilized to mobilize the masses and to craftily mold so called public opinion. If they really cared about such lofty principles, they wouldn’t be found in the regular embrace of those who possess such well documented, blood stained track records!


What becomes even more alarming to contemplate is the fact that the genocidal crimes of the aforementioned tyrants have only been made possible due to the aid, comfort, assistance, and complicity of leaders of the Western nations! In this regard, by the principles of extension and being an accessory to the fact, these same presidents, prime ministers, Senators, etc...all of them happen to have the blood of millions dripping from their own corrupt hands! Amazingly, a man thought to be one of the greatest presidents in American history was, in reality, no better than a savage murderer! Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated that some of his best friends were communists! It was via the policies enacted under the reign of FDR that the Bolsheviks were showered with massive funding, courtesy of the American taxpayer. The production of the Soviet war machine was facilitated through this gargantuan transference of wealth. The very "enemy" that America proceeded to wage a protracted "cold war" against in the aftermath of WWII, was a complete and total creation of the same shadow powers that operate behind the scenes to control the western nations. Indeed...FDR and all his successors since WWII have been traitors to the republic! They have consciously subverted the U.S. Constitution and have given aid and comfort to our avowed and historic enemies! But don’t hold your breath waiting for these unscrupulous intellectual prostitutes to ever be held accountable for the crimes against humanity they have committed. They are virtually immune from ever being genuinely exposed for the arch criminals that they are!


Big government has long been in the business of covering up its dastardly criminal deeds. We have already alluded to the criminal complicity of FDR in the matter of the financing of the establishment of the Soviet Communist war machine. In addition, as we have also already made note of, FDR delivered a lethal blow to our Constitution via the enactment of the New Deal, and he sat idle and aware of the pending attack, while the American Naval fleet played the role of sitting duck at Pearl Harbor. You see...an incident of this magnitude was required to draw the United States into what would then become the Second World War, which in turn, was crucial for the creation of a justified pretense for the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan. The horrifying spectre of the mushroom cloud subsequently rendered acceptable the notion of a United Nations...an entity that has since served as a forerunner to full blown global government. Through all of this and more, literally millions of lives have been brutally expended! It has all been by specific design, for you see, human life means nothing to these arch criminals of the ages!

When FDR departed this terrestrial plane for his one way trip to the lake of fire, Harry S. Truman became President. Under Truman's administration occurred the infamous dropping of the Atomic Bomb. In addition, while this man was Commander In Chief, a General named Eisenhower oversaw the systematic killing through starvation and elemental exposure of one million German prisoners that were in his custody in Europe. (This sordid and gruesome account is recorded and documented in the book Other Losses by James Bacque.) Also to Truman's track record of infamy we must add the notorious incident whereby he refused to allow General McArthur to pursue victory in the Korean conflict. Still unknown to most Americans is the fact that the military engagement in Korea was an action carried out under the auspices of the United Nations. By agreed upon design, a position within the UN through which all military directives must pass, is to always be occupied by a Soviet General. What this means, of course, is that in both Korea and Vietnam, the enemy always had advance knowledge of all major moves or actions being prepared for or carried out by the American military! Gee...can anyone guess why we were incapable of winning these phony wars?

In a forthcoming installment of this commentary we will purpose to continue reviewing the specific atrocities carried out under the direction of the various Presidents that have served in the post WWII era...but suffice it to say that they all have profuse quantities of the blood of innocents dripping from their hands! Hundreds of thousands of young American men have answered the call to serve their country...thinking that they were going to fight for the principles of freedom and justice. Little did they know that the real purpose for which they were being summonsed was to serve as cannon fodder and pawns on the global chess board. To think of the manner in which American soldiers have been cruelly and callously exploited is enough to make any decent person’s blood boil! Vast numbers of American soldiers have been sacrificed on the altar of would be utopian world government. They have been betrayed by their own government who, by denying their very existence, left so many of them behind in the communist prison camp hell holes in Vietnam. How short the memory is which allows this manner of homicidal criminality to go on in perpetuity under color of law and pretense of legitimacy.


The present military engagement taking place in Afghanistan is the ultimate exercise in the wielding of vastly superior armaments technology over a pathetic, backward opponent. For weeks on end our nation has engaged in the sport of target practice against the hapless Taliban forces. Our super sophisticated armaments have been poured out on opposing forces that are only able to respond with the epitome of outdated, antiquated, sub standard weaponry. What a total and absolute joke this entire affair has been. Like the pummeling of Kosovo, the Gulf War, and the invasion of Panama, these dramatically orchestrated and choreographed exercises are mere excuses to test high tech weapons on an indigent population or fighting force that nobody cares about. How anyone with room temperature IQ can derive any kind of national pride from such shocking spectacles of blood lust and inhumanity is beyond this writer’s comprehension. And yet, with straight faces and somber countenances, our political and military leaders act like this is a real war that we are fighting...and the duped American public simply can’t get enough. Yes, the Taliban are merely the latest installment of the straw man syndrome. Like animals that are bred and raised for the sole purpose of eventual slaughter, so have these arcane medieval warriors been created and groomed for the very moment we are observing and role they are playing. Their lives mean nothing to the bloodsuckers that have engineered this conflict. They are being toyed and played with in the same fashion that a cat sadistically torments a tiny mouse. And when the smoke clears and the dust settles, in will march the UN to further establish its credentials as ultimate arbiter and global authority. All the while, of course, the international bankers are experiencing the ongoing bonanza of being the financier of all these escapades in military adventurism. As it has been said by those who know all too well, war is a racket! It is also the ultimate tool for priming the pump of a debt based global economy. What we are witnessing at present is the most extraordinary exercise ever in Satanic deception, duplicity, and manipulation of the people and nations of the world...and it is probably safe to say that we ain’t seen nothing yet!

In our next installment of this running commentary we will examine the historical record of terrorism carried out by the Zionists who now rule the middle eastern mini-state of Israel. Remember...a terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist!

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness,
and let us put on the armour of light” (Romans 13:12).

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