“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head:
they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away” (Isaiah 51:11).
Posted on December 3, 2001

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The Eye of the Beholder

by Rick Tyler

Terrorism is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion." Terror is defined as "a state of intense fear." Quite obviously, like beauty, terrorism is very much a phenomenon whose assessment and diagnosis are derived from the eye and vantage point of the beholder. Often, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter or gallant warrior against oppression. A distinguishing factor for many who are highly opinionated concerning the matter of terrorism, is the question of "innocent victims." They would contend that the terrorist is one who strikes out in a manner that guarantees bloodshed and carnage amongst members of the civilian population. By drawing such lines of distinction as to what is deemed an illegitimate manifestation of lethal force, the terrorist is defined by his methodology rather than mere results. Hence, those who kill hundreds or thousands by blowing up or destroying buildings in the midst of a population center are terrorists, while those who massacre millions under the aegis of the institution of government are not.

Sadly, we are living in a time when words are easily and readily seized and exploited for purposes of propaganda. The American public has become exceptionally gullible and simplistic in their overall processes of thought and analysis. They are caught up in a shallow world of pleasure and self aggrandizement, and are readily disposed to allowing authority figures in government to oversee their existence in a variety of ways. Like children frolicking on a big playground, people are very much oblivious to the details of what might be transpiring in the larger world around them. As long as the experts in government are efficiently manning the helm, the overriding naive presumption is that everything will be all right!

Since September 11, 2001 America has been in an unofficial state of war against "terrorism." The "war" in question is of an unofficial nature due to the fact that there has been no declaration of war issued by the United States Congress. Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution states that "The Congress shall have power to...declare war..." The American President has no constitutional authority to issue a declaration of war, and technically, when George Bush refers to our nation "being at war," such statements are very misleading and inaccurate. The founders of our republic understood the immensely serious nature of entering into a formal state of war. Via constitutional restrictions and prohibitions, they made it impossible and unlawful for the leader of the executive branch of government to issue a declaration of war. Yet, in spite of such clear constitutional principle regarding the subject, we have been plunged into the present conflict in total absence of proper governmental procedure. Time and again the various spokesmen for the federal government have heralded the fact that we are now "at war against terrorism." Such purported "war time" status is now being used to justify and legitimize all manner of increase in the scope and execution of governmental power. It is very safe to say that the great men who founded America would be appalled at the tactics and methods that are being routinely employed by the personages who presently constitute the ranks of big government. They would doubtlessly be outraged at how an illegitimate declaration of war is being used to marshal a frontal assault on true liberty and constitutional government.


As we have already stated in this series of commentaries, the Islamic terrorists with whom we have become so familiar are very evil and dangerous. They are fanatically dedicated to a system of false beliefs and doctrines that automatically pit them aggressively and defiantly against historic Western Christian civilization. The question that must be confronted isn’t whether or not they are bad guys. It is obvious that they are! What needs to be sincerely pondered are the following questions. Are the Islamic terrorists being demonized beyond reason and legitimacy? Have they been carefully and craftily handled and manipulated by a vastly superior force so that at the appropriate time, they could be cast in their present role as the ultimate antagonist? And finally, are the parties that are most loudly and vociferously condemning the terrorists actually guilty of far greater acts of depravity and wickedness than those who bear the brunt of their accusations? It can be readily established that the correct answer to each of the foregoing questions is a resounding yes! Our criminal government, and the diabolical spiritual forces that orchestrate its actions, are by far a greater and more vile menace than the middle eastern terrorists could ever hope to be. Through the science of propaganda, however, a distorted perspective exists whereby the greatest evil is cast in the aura and light of valor, virtue, and benevolence. This remarkable phenomenon is alluded to in Scripture in 2 Corinthians 11:14 wherein we read, "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." Yes, the Serpent is a master counterfeiter and deceiver. He and his earthly minions are routinely capable of pawning themselves off in a saintly manner by employing a variety of beguiling techniques. The Devil seldom appears with horns, a pitchfork, and a red suit! Instead, he and those who do his bidding masquerade as the chosen and anointed of God!



The religion of Judaism is often spoken of as though it were somehow a predecessor to Christianity. The common misnomer concerning this matter is that Judaism was the religion of the Old Testament Israelites and that Christianity became the faith of the New Testament Gentiles. In reality, however, Judaism is founded and based upon the writings and teachings of the Babylonian Talmud, a compilation of Rabbinical commentaries that include a considerable number of vile and blasphemous teachings. While the true religion of the Old Testament Israelites pointed expectantly toward the incarnation of God in the person of Jesus Christ, Judaism is vehemently antichrist in its outlook and doctrine and has no legitimate foundation in the divinely inspired words of the Old Testament. The fact is that Judaism was most certainly not the religion of the ancient Israelites, and it bears no resemblance or relationship whatsoever to Biblical Christianity! It is also a most noteworthy observation that those who practice Judaism are not even the actual, physical descendants of Old Testament Israel. In Genesis 24:60 we read, "And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them." Here we see that Rebekah, the mother of Jacob Israel, would be the mother of hundreds of millions! This massive population stream was destined to flow from the lineage of the twelve tribes of Israel, all of whom would be specifically identifiable in the latter days according to the words of Genesis 49:1. In Genesis 48:19 the scripture states, "And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: He also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations." This verse is referring to the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, whom Jacob Israel was recognizing as full fledged future tribal patriarchs. Of course, it is of monumental significance to note that Ephraim alone...just one tribe of the true Israel people...would eventually become "a multitude of nations." It is blatantly obvious that these unmistakable prophecies are in no way established or fulfilled by those people who are thought to be the descendants of Biblical Israel. Instead, those modern day imposters are the contemporary manifestation of the phenomenon spoken of in Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9. They audaciously claim to be that which they are not...namely the chosen people of God! (See Amos 3:2)

Also of keen significance and interest is the fact that only the people of European ancestry and heritage fit the prophetic description of true Israel that has been heretofore set forth from Scripture. Unfortunately, this profound truth has been effectively suppressed and glossed over by those who occupy positions of influence and power. Even this amazing oversight on the part of so many, though, is in and of itself a fulfillment of God’s Word. Romans 11:25 says, "...that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in." The term Gentiles comes from the Greek word Ethnos and it actually means the nations that Israel would pass through and establish as history unfolded. (See Hosea 8:8, Amos 9:9, and James 1:1) Yes, it is true that an inexplicable brand of blindness has seemingly afflicted the European people...preventing them from seeing and recognizing precisely who they really are! They are actually discouraged from pursuing knowledge as to their true origins among the various peoples of the earth. Lies and distortions are passed on from one generation to the next and these uniquely blessed and endowed people are systematically kept in the dark as to their legitimate birthright and covenantal inheritance. All the while, of course, the imposters continue to bolster the dastardly lie that they are the legitimate Israel of God... in spite of a total and glaring absence of corroborating evidence! Ezekiel 36:1-2 states, "(1) Also, thou son of man, prophesy unto the mountains of Israel, and say, Ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord: (2) Thus saith the Lord God; Because the enemy hath said against you, Aha, even the ancient high places are ours in possession:" Here we read prophesy concerning the "mountains" of Israel. In Biblical language the word mountains refers to nations. Once again, God is attesting to the fact that true Israel will comprise actual nations, which the imposter people have never done throughout their own well defined history! We see, however, that God is speaking of a time when these enemies of true Israel would sadistically revel in the fact that for the time being, they had come into illicit possession of the "ancient high places." I hope that you are beginning to put this puzzle together dear reader. The cut throat enemies of Jesus Christ currently hold the unlawful, fraudulently and murderously obtained title deed to the holy land, and they parade their illegitimate occupational status as an alleged evidence that they are who they claim to be. It is sickening to observe the manner in which legions of professing Christians fall hook, line and sinker for this gargantuan hoax! Without question, coming to a factual understanding of this matter of the true identification of Israel in the modern world is a major key to being able to properly interpret current events as well as the prophecies of Scripture.

The counterfeit chosen people make for a fascinating case study in terms of their activities and endeavors throughout the world. Although they are exceedingly few in number they have managed to gain a degree of influence and power that is totally disproportionate to their numerical profile. This acquisition of raw power has not occurred by some supernatural blessing, but rather through the consistent employment of debauched and exploitative tactics. Members from among their ranks have long established and maintained international usury banking institutions that are routinely employed for purposes of plundering the wealth of the nations of the world. They were behind the establishment of the Hollywood motion picture industry and have consistently used it to promote a distorted perspective of both the past and the present, as well as to subvert the Christian morality of the nation. They played a principle role in the slave trade business that brought vast quantities of Africans to the colonial world. In addition to all the aforementioned involvements, these same people have historically gravitated to and have been the moving force behind the classic sin industries such as the production of hard liquor and pornography. It is no secret that sin sells...and the false "chosen people" have parlayed their sin soaked business ventures into what amounts to a monetary monopoly. Remember, it was the senior Rosthchild who said, "give me the power to create a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws." He obviously understood that to posses such power automatically meant that the lawmakers would be securely in his hip pocket. As it has been said, there are the kings...and there are the kingmakers. When the controlling power decides to jerk the chain of the front man who holds political office, they are more than capable of efficiently carrying out such action. It is an undeniable fact that the ultimate transgression in this world is to speak out against those who falsely assert that they are Israel, and to instead, expose them for who and what they really are. Though their numbers are comparatively small, they are able to exercise dominating control over a great deal of what transpires among the nations of the world.

The reader will recall that we have pointed to Biblical passages that establish the fact that true Israel would be comprised of a vast multitude numbering thousands of millions over time. We have also cited Scripture references informing us that true Israel would include sub-groupings that, in and of themselves, constituted a plurality of identifiable nation states! Modern Jewry clearly fails to measure up to these Biblical prerequisites, and in fact, had never possessed any semblance of nationhood whatsoever, until the United Nations decree of 1948 establishing the current Satanic counterfeit state of Israel. An element of the long standing curse that has been upon these people is that they would be like a fugitive and a vagabond...never having their own legitimate homeland. As we are about to inform you, the methods that enabled them to steal the territory belonging to the Palestinians were brutal and ruthless! In fact...those methods can only be adequately and accurately described by one word...that being terrorism!

Zionism is defined by Webster’s dictionary as "a theory, plan or movement for setting up a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine." Throughout the first half of the twentieth century the Zionist crusade gained sufficient momentum to allow for the setting up of the Israeli state in 1948. It required two world wars, the establishment of the United Nations, a mountain of disinformation and intrigue, and a systematic campaign of terrorism by the men who later became Israel’s leaders, for the Zionist mini-state to ultimately come to fruition. In order for the Zionist claims to the Holy Land to appear legitimate, it was necessary that there be widespread belief and recognition that modern Jewry was representative of Old Testament Israel. The turn of the century was a time when Satan, who is the father of lies (see John 8:44), was truly on a roll! In virtually every arena, he was making progress by leaps and bounds in his never ending quest to propagate lies and deception. Within a relatively short span of years the world witnessed the rising influence of vile personages such as Marx, Darwin and Dewey. Seeds were being effectively sown for the implementation of atheistic communism, the Godless doctrine of evolution, and socialistic education while at the same time, formerly orthodox Christian churches, colleges, and seminaries were being infiltrated and subverted. The stature and authority of the 1611 Authorized Version of the Bible was being chipped away at via the growing acceptance of textual criticism and the move toward "more modern" and "more reliable" translations of Scripture. In the midst of this sea of confusion and error, the Zionist movement and its accompanying notion that world Jewry was somehow synonymous with true Israel, was also gaining significant momentum and influence on the global stage.

It is important to keep in mind that major events and developments in the affairs of nations and men seldom come to pass overnight. Instead, there is customarily a long and meticulous process whereby changes are implemented in a slow and seemingly painless manner. This method and phenomenon is known as gradualism and it has long proven effective for accomplishing over a significant duration of time, that which could never be achieved in the shorter time period. Remember...Satan is a supernatural being who has been endowed with powers that surpass and transcend the more limited abilities of man. Hebrews 2:7 instructs us that man was made "a little lower than the angels," and although Satan is in an irretrievably fallen state, he still retains his great power. Such abilities enable him to execute and advance strategies over the span of generations. Unlike man, who has a very short life span and an even shorter attention span, Satan is able to concentrate and work diligently toward the attainment of his murderous goals for extensive and unbroken periods of time. Man is indoctrinated into the belief that world and national events unfold in a random, helter skelter fashion that is beyond the ability of anyone to specifically influence or control. Those in the Christian world who do comprehend that evil spiritual forces are at work orchestrating and carrying out conspiracies, are neutralized by the false premise that such ongoing circumstances are merely the fulfillment of prophecies, and therefore, it is futile and even counter- productive for us to resist in a meaningful manner. Either way, Satan is able to avoid or deflect what might otherwise emerge as noteworthy opposition to his relentless campaign of diabolical subversion.

The Balfour Declaration was promulgated on November 2, 1917 for purposes of facilitating large scale immigration of Jewish people into Palestinian territory. Over the ensuing years the population of those committed to Zionist goals in the Holy Land grew rapidly and substantially. This major influx of immigration was also notably fueled by the backlash and persecution toward Jews that was taking place in pre WWII Germany. As the world war came to a conclusion sympathy for the Zionist cause was soaring to unprecedented levels. The defeat of Germany was accompanied by a tidal wave of skillfully marshaled propaganda and disinformation, the purpose of which was to galvanize public and world opinion in favor of the formal establishment of a Zionist state. What is little known, however, is the fact that momentum was very much in favor of a continuation of Palestinian statehood as well. It was only through the implementation and execution of a campaign of terrorism by Zionist militants that the existence of a Palestinian state was terminated.

In July of 1946 the Zionist Irgun terrorist group succeeded in blowing up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and killing 91 people in the process. Menachem Begin was the leader of this notorious terrorist organization and the one who gave the order for the bombing. He later became the Prime Minister of the Israeli state.

Another Israeli Prime Minister who operated as an outright terrorist in the early years was Itzhak Shamir, known at that time by his real name Yezernitsky. In the aftermath of the blowing up of the King David Hotel, the ruling British force dispatched 40,000 troops to search the city for those involved in the assault. The authorities weren’t looking for anyone by the name of Shamir but an alert officer nevertheless had him taken for further questioning based upon suspicions that were aroused when he emerged from a building where he was living under his alias and posing as a rabbi. Once taken to an interrogation center, Shamir was properly identified as the wanted terrorist Yezernitsky and was placed under arrest. The British maintained a facility for terrorist prisoners in Eritria on the Horn of Africa, and Shamir was taken to that location for safe keeping. The police sergeant who identified Shamir was named T.G. Martin. His identity was learned of by Lehi (the Hebrew acronym for the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) and shortly thereafter they tracked him down and murdered him while he was on a tennis court in Haifa. Many years later in 1977, when being interviewed about the effectiveness of terrorist assassination by British historian Nicholas Bethel, Shamir commented that "governments don’t give attention to any problem until such sharp methods are used. Otherwise nothing is done. There are times when you have to use such methods."

Another shocking terrorist act that was ordered to be carried out by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin involved the torture murder of two British Sergeants, Clifford Martin and Mervin Paice. The Irgun gang kidnapped these two officers on July 12, 1947 and the British police were informed on the 31st of that same month that the bodies could be found in a grove in Nathanya. Upon finding the victims it was discovered that they had been hanged by piano wire. This method of execution resulted in a tortuous and bloody form of strangulation. A notice on the bodies stated that "This is the sentence of Irgun’s High Tribunal." As a further affront to decency, the bodies were boobytrapped to blow up when tampered with and a Red Cross worker was seriously injured in the ensuing explosion. Shortly after this gruesome incident, notices were posted throughout town stating that the murdered officers had been hanged in punishment for being a part of "the criminal Nazi-British Army of Occupation." The London Daily Express was the only newspaper to show a photograph of the brutal murder in its August 1, 1947 edition. Zionist forces in Britain clamored loudly in protest and even went so far as to agitate for a boycott against the Express. The original photograph which graphically documented this act of terror was owned by the Associated Press. After years of relentless pressure from the Zionist power, the AP finally destroyed these original photos in 1960.

You may be surprised to be learning that those who cry loudest and longest about the threat of terrorism today were once revolutionary terrorists themselves! The sanitized reports that pass for history never fail to selectively omit information that would provide a clearer level of understanding about actual events in the recent past. Duplicity and double standard are the order of the day when it involves the highly manipulative actions of those who wield power in our modern world. What we have delved into in this article is the mere tip of the proverbial iceberg. Other horrific terroristic atrocities were perpetrated by the Zionist militants in the years leading up to the formation of the official Israeli state in 1948. In the years that followed, the terrorism continued to occur under the sponsorship of this rogue, criminal mini-state. Of course, it is extremely important to note that America has been the constant and unwavering sponsor of Israel...a country where it is a criminal offense to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!

In the next installment of this commentary we will tell of more barbaric atrocities that were committed by the Zionist terrorists in the years prior to Britain’s withdrawal from Palestine. We will also provide information on subsequent flagrant acts of terrorism that have transpired in the decades that followed...right up to the present moment in time! Yes...it is the Zionist Jews who are the world’s foremost practitioners and architects of terrorism, both state sponsored and free lance, in the recent history of our planet. The tragic event of September 11, 2001 was carried out under the manipulative orchestration of the shadow controlling power to provide, among other objectives, an unparalleled diversion of public concern and attention away from acts of far greater barbarism and eventual consequence.

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness,
and let us put on the armour of light” (Romans 13:12).

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